Things not a few interest the wide awake,

While the invisible are seen with the eyes of faith;

Truth will always be found an absolute,

And evil and lies to be desperate fruits


Of a troubled reasoning that was made corrupt,

Where the evil man forces the slave to adapt

Rules of wickedness and devices vile,

Thought to benefit both the man and his hire.


The evil man thought he could do away with good

But his foolishness twisted the way he understood;

Obedience required from his slave seemed blind

Would be an act of selflessness from the slave so kind.


Mystery! It is, but the evil man knew it not

That to require him a sacrifice his hire is just but

Forced to live out virtues and graces pure,

All the while thought the man easy to purge.


How boastfully then has the evil claimed dominion

When the evil man could not live without his minion,

So dutifully paying him vows of obeisance

While this very moral he had been thinking to expunge.


Mystery! Only awakened eyes could see

The pity of the evil man who thought he could be

The absolutely evil and transformer of all who would

By his mighty rule rid the world of all good.


With things not a few faith has truly been blessed:

 To see it was selfishness that ruled the evil flesh,

And that while he longed to destroy all beneficence,

He liked to be served with the fruits of obedience.


What further onslaught would now be required?

Evil could not lone exist or absolutely abide

Without borrowing from the good for its own existence;

How bold it is then to claim all your preference!


So trouble not the reasoning that has just been made corrupt;

Good is the only absolute that deserved presence immortal

And evil has to vanish, for it can neither win all space

Nor prove of an existence that denied all goodness and grace.


This poem was first published in The Epistle, Vol.1, Issue 3, November 2012

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