christian struggles

Have you been doubting?

…and struggling?

I mean, do you consider yourself a struggling believer?

…a struggling Christian, even?

If so…

Don’t give up just yet.

A believer isn’t perfect.
But your Savior is.

When you see a believer, it doesn’t mean you’re seeing someone who’s already gotten “there.”

Every genuine Christian is someone who is currently in a genuine struggle.

Real Christian stories tell of moments of greatest triumphs, and of moments of worst downfalls.

Just stumbled? We’ve all been there.

Every real Christian story is backed with secrets untold, secrets resting in the bosom of the Christian’s Savior.

In any case, however, a believer’s struggle does not diminish the truths he is trying to live by.

Being a genuine and struggling Christian believer simply means boasting in Christ alone. But that never alters the goal of living a life like Christ’s.

Read on.

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