Lessons from the Gospel of Mark

Mark 1

In the first few weeks of His ministry on earth, Jesus was giving out “samples.”

He used the “sampling method” as He hopped from town to town,

healing and planting seeds in as many as He could in a short period.

Mark 2


Jesus Himself describes His role on earth as that of a Physician.

He came to heal—to restore the sick and broken to wholeness.

His salvation is about healing the whole person.


Press through and find ways to meet with Jesus despite circumstances—

just like the paralytic who had to circumvent a whole crowd and go through the roof.


“I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.”

Jesus, in this declaration, is giving every person hope against a fearful undiluted reality.

Mark 3

Jesus considers those who live by the principle of Love as His family.

Mark 4

Jesus is Master even of the sea.

The winds and the waves obey Him.

Mark 5

Jesus would tell a Legion-possessed man to spread the news of his healing…

if there was a potential hearer—in this case, the woman who eventually touched His garment—

who was ready to believe.

On the other hand…

Jesus would tell Jairus’ family to keep their daughter’s resurrection a secret…

if potential hearers would only laugh at it.

Mark 6


After a long and hard labor for souls, Jesus recommends we go alone with God and rest a while.


Jesus is a great Provider.

He didn’t just give people food for the soul—

He also fed them physical bread.


Got a noble cause?

Use what you have, ask the blessing of heaven,

and God will multiply your resources for you.

You’ll even have leftovers to give to those who minister with you.


After feeding the 5,000 both spiritual and physical food,

Jesus went back to His original intent

of taking His own portion of the bread of life

from His heavenly Father.


Jesus worked on “brand awareness”

By the end of the chapter, the people already knew Him and what He could do for them.

“And when they got out of the boat, the people immediately recognized Him, and ran about the whole region and began to bring the sick people on their beds to wherever they heard He was.”

Mark 6:54, 55, ESV

He was to them the Healer.

Mark 5 & 6

A Legion-possessed man is freed.

He spreads the news. One 12-year-sick woman hears.

In faith, she touches the Healer’s garment.

Then everyone else implores Him that they, too, might touch even the fringe and be healed.

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The Struggling Believer

Mark 7

Some things are just out of our command.

We can’t control everything that comes to us and inside of us.

But, we can choose, i.e., filter what goes out of ourselves.

Mark 8


Jesus makes use of what He has, of what we have, of the meager that we hold in our hands.

He’ll make miracles with them.


When Jesus does a miracle once, He’s able to do it many more times.

Mark 7 & 8

Sometimes Jesus makes use of matter to bring healing to people.

Mark 9



Jesus rebukes this mindset.

It’s not a matter of “if you can.”

All things are possible for the one who believes.


If Jesus doesn’t want anyone to know His whereabouts, He has a clear purpose in mind.

Mark 10


Jesus places a high value on marriage and children.


“New Testament” authors honor the authority and historical accuracy of the book of Genesis.


To be truly rich is to abundantly give.


Jesus didn’t use any matter to make blind Bartimaeus see.

His word and the beggar’s faith were enough to heal.


‍What do you want Me to do for you?

1 question. 2 different answers.

James and John wanted Jesus to make them the greatest.

Blind Bartimaeus desired only mercy and healing from the Son of David.

The latter request was granted.

Mark 11


Bear fruit both in season and out of season.


If you fear no one, you won’t have to formulate an evading response.

Mark 12


Jesus cannot be fooled by flattery.

The truth, said to evoke favor by deceit, won’t budge Him who is Truth Himself.


There’ll be no marriage in heaven—

no additional human being while the millennium is on—

while we’re reviewing why some earthlings are there and others aren’t.


To love the Person of Love

and to love our fellow creatures created by His love—

these are the greatest principles of life.


In giving, God accounts in terms of proportions, not the raw numbers.

A humble 100% is greater than an intimidating 1%.

Mark 13


Jesus desires everyone to be saved.

His warnings about the signs of the times are to help us stay awake.

He wants to keep us from being deceived by anyone pretending to represent Him and His teachings.


That no one, except the Father, knows the day or the hour of Jesus’ Second Coming,

is a blessing to frail humans.

A clear future deadline would trigger procrastination,

and a declared date could bring present-day reverence down to the level of mere pretension.

Mark 14


Jesus acknowledges what you do for Him wholeheartedly.


The Holy Spirit was at work with Jesus on earth.

The former was coordinating the latter’s guest room booking for that special Passover night.


Jesus stays silent amid accusation.

Despite conflicting testimonies about Him, He doesn’t explain Himself.

He does confirm when asked if He’s the Christ.

It was probably the accusers’ last chance to back off, but they considered it blasphemy.

It turns out they won’t believe Him anyway.


Frail was the disciples’ faith in Jesus.

They betrayed and denied Him to preserve their own lives.

They fled frightfully.

Steadfast was Jesus’ faith in His Father.

He represented Him patiently despite the risk to His own life.

He stood silent.


NOT in our own faith IN Jesus

but in the faith OF Jesus—

This is where our confidence is strongest and our souls safest.

Mark 15


Jesus died loving humanity, faithfully representing the character of God.


Jesus also rested on the Sabbath hours as Redeemer.

Mark 16


When God miraculously works the impossible just the way He said He would,

it’s NOT too good to be true.



Signs and wonders will accompany Gospel preaching

ONLY IF demonstrated in Jesus’ name—

that is, driven by LOVE for humankind—

NOT by the selfish ambition to be recognized

as someone who can perform miracles.

What have you learned from this post?

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