The Message We’ve Missed

It’s not about the Sabbath, or of the state of the dead, or of the diet.

It’s all about the One to whom all these truths point.

It’s all about the Truth Himself.

Who is He?

What is He like?

If only we could grasp the reality that…

Brushing off all other teachings and beliefs and concepts away…

It’s all about who this Supreme Being is.

Is It Good News?

Is it good news that there is a God?

To answer the question better, respond to this one first:

Is it good news that there is a husband?

Well, it depends.

Depends on what?

The kind of husband.

So, is it good news that there is a God?

It depends.

It depends on what kind of God.

What Is God Like?

Is He dreadful?




If that’s the kind of God that exists, I, even I, would scoff and be terrified.

But is that who God really is like?

A God Who Is Love

What if God is actually this kind:



Not rude?

Not arrogant?

Does not insist on His own way?

Isn’t self-seeking?

Doesn’t rejoice in wrongdoing?

Rejoices in the truth?

Believes all things?

Hopes all things?

Endures all things?

Never fails?

Well, if that is the kind of God that exists, then I would love to stick around.

What We’re Missing

We who are professed believers in God oftentimes don’t watch ourselves neglect the confusion in the minds of unbelievers.

Most of them don’t believe because their view of God is the kind that we, too, would not believe in.

If we insist on presenting them pieces of truth without the foundational truth that…

God is love

…then we are setting our arguments up for a disaster.

These people may have held erroneous notions of the judgment and the lake of fire just because they have not grasped the one most fundamental truth.

And this Big Truth is that God Is Love.

If anything claiming to be truth is inconsistent with this one Big Truth, then the one Big Truth stands while the false claimant has to be trodden down.

The Plain Truth

The fact is that God loves you.

And His nature and His character is love.

Love is the basis of all His actions.

If that is so, then…

The Sabbath is a beautiful privilege to simply relax and rejoice and make somebody other than myself be happy, too.

The dead, when they die, don’t “live” to suffer as restless ghosts roaming around and haunting people. They simply rest till God wakes them up again. Even the “good” ones don’t shoot straight up to heaven and watch in agony as their loved ones suffer back on earth.

The unrighteous won’t be punished forever for the sins they’ve committed for only a finite number of years.

And, so much more…

Well, as for salvation…

A God of love is a God who gives and gives.

Salvation is a gift.

It is not a loan.

Jesus is a gift.

Righteousness is a gift.

Eternal life is a gift.

The Heavenly Father is a real, ideal father. He gives. And He gives gifts.

And you don’t have to work for these gifts.

God is the perfect Father who gives freely.

And that is just so wonderful!

Also, the Second Coming is good news!

The innocent are innocent!

God is just.

God is merciful.

God is totally fair.

We can trust God’s judgment.

The judgment is for our favor.

God is for us in the judgment.

You see where I’m getting?

I can go on and on and on…

And you will repeatedly see that these things must be true because they all speak and agree and are consistent with the fact that…

God is love.

That is how He operates.

That is how He conducts Himself.

That is how He deals with you.

That is how He deals with conflict, with the great controversy.

He even lets you see pieces of evidence for which to anchor your belief.

He is gentle.

He doesn’t force Himself into you.

God is such a gentleman!

God loves you so much that He will continue to make you feel His love without getting you burned or pressured to trust Him!

He makes you “fall” for Him (if I could borrow that language just to make the point!).

And I know I am thrilled because of these amazing revelations, which by the way, did not come to me firsthand but through this video below:

Please watch and see the whole point in its full beauty!

God is love! And that is good news!

What have you learned from this post?

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