When All Took I

when all took I: scientist and white mouse
The telescope took I,
And viewed the stars above
Then pierced the light so swiftly;
Should I now believe the Beloved?
No! And the microscope grabbed I,
And sighted busy ants
Then loud their wisdom heard I;
Would I be filled that for which I pant?
Not yet! And quick the stethoscope seized I,
And rubbed the heart in grudge
Then warm the love found I;
Could I humble the proud prejudge?
Never! And none else in my scope found I,
To see evidence and only deny
What more could the stars testify?
The ants and the heart so hard to let die?
The faith I’d always bid goodbye
The faith speaking to me so nigh
To rest upon evidence, so illogical to pass by
A choice to cast down the imagination been lifted too high.

The poem “When All Took I” was first published in The Epistle, Vol.1, Issue 2, August 2012.

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