his Lousy Tactics Unmasked

If you are a sociologist/historian, he makes your mind interpret immorality in the society as evidence that Truth and Moral values are relative and that there is no such thing as a Universal Moral law.

If you are a biologist, he gets you focused on the imperfections in the living and non-living environment for you to conclude that evolution is evidently at work even at present and that there is real need for competition in order for the fittest to survive.

If you are a physicist, he convinces you to the impossibility of the existence of Supernatural beings and their travel to our world while confusing you with foolish dreams that theoretically it might be possible for human beings to travel into the past or into the future.

If you are an atheist, he annoys you with the folly of the “end-of-the-world” news proclaimed by nominal Bible-believers plus the hypocrisy of professed Christians so that you may continue to mock and belittle Christianity and even brand it as fake or a myth.

If you are a usual church-goer, he makes you think that religion is just like school or other must-have things that even church-going can simply be listed as one of your regular tasks like attending classes in school that can be skipped or even scheduled to any other day whenever you feel like doing so .

If you are a not-so-regular-church-goer, he winds your mind for you to think that God is like a genie or a wishing well that can be prayed unto every time you have problems or new wishes to ask.

If you are a top student, he gets you anxious of being surpassed by contenders and thus molds in you his spirit of competition and gets you to self-without-help-work, not cheating, and then he makes you self-righteous and mad at cheaters.

If you are an above-average, ambitious student, he stirs up in you still his spirit of competition and then makes you do all the cheating you could do and share all the answers you could share so that you may appear a friendly cheater, envied by the top student.

If you are a diligent student, he motivates your ambitions and desires for self-glory in the future.

If you are a below-average student, he lets you think school is boring and gets you into skipping classes and barkadas and drugs and other vices, and lets you think that only the brilliant minds are accepted and worthy of life.

If you are a hired worker of low profile, he despairs you with hopelessness in life and of worthlessness.

If you are an aspiring star, he makes you look to stars to idolize and imitate them.

If you are a star, he pressures you to be the model in outward beauty and stamina while drawing you to indulgences in romantic relationships, fame, positions and possessions.

If you are a singing star, he puts into your music his signature, his rhythm, his genre and even his lyrics containing his philosophies so that your music may blend with his in indoctrinating the listeners.

If you are a actor/actress, he possesses you with his spirit so that you may act the more lustfully, violently or immorally depending on your role.

If you are a politician, he grabs you to higher and higher positions for you to be greedier and greedier still with power and of being called an “honorable” while making you a puppy of others’ expectations of you.

If you are a businessman, he injects your craft with all sophistries so that people may buy your costly and secretly depopulating products.

If you are single, he discomforts you and makes you think that you have to find a partner no matter what.

If you are a parent, he drives you to work seven days a week without Rest so that you may supply the demands of your children and their education and of the products that are advertised as your “needs.”

If you are a professional, he sticks your profession on your forehead so that your names may always be called with titles even by your own husbands/wives/children.

If you are a pastor/evangelist/layman, he gets you focused on goals of baptismal numbers for promotion instead of souls transformed into citizens of the kingdom of Christ.

If you are a born-Seventh-day Adventist Church member, and blind, he makes you feel contented about your status like the born-Jews of old so that you may never truly grow in the Christian Spirit and in the knowledge of Truth and then denounce every form/appearance of revival and reformation including even the genuine one as fanaticism or extremism.

If you are a converted-Seventh-day Adventist Church member, he makes you feel discontented about the faith and the warmth of your new brethren.

If you are an unblinded, knowledgable Seventh-day Adventist Church member, he stirs up in you his spirit of spritual pride and condemnation of others.

If you are a complacent Seventh-day Adventist Church member, he lulls you to sleep in spiritual things and stirs up in you hatred for the knowledgable members.

If you are a zealous Seventh-day Adventist Church reformist-within-the-church, he tempts you until you fall into sinning against the very thing that you were upholding and makes you feel after sinning that you are now so entirely removed from the grace of GOD such that you should now have a license to go even worse than your former sinful life.

The list may go on…



…and on.

NOW, if you are a True Living Seventh-day Adventist Chirstian transformed into the character of Christ Jesus,

he persecutes you.


This article was first published at Facebook notes, April 18, 2011.


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