Stars Falling from Heaven

star falling from heaven

Stars are living before an audience of many, even of all people.

They seek to “entertain,” i.e., “please” people. they “perform” before this audience. They are not constant in principle.

They often move and sway according to the current of the current society. They cannot be loyal to one, even One.

They shift moods and roles and modes so they can fit into the present drama. They are totally behind bars.

They are prisoners of war. They are inside a struggle whose battlefield is inside of their own hearts and minds.

They were caught into the black hole by subtle deception. They take the name of the LORD in vain whenever they say “it’s for GOD’s glory,” and “praise GOD.”

They wear the “Christian” badge for fake authentication.

They are sons and daughters of the first hypocrite, the first liar, the first sinner, Satan. They were likewise called “Lucifer,” light-bearer, star.

But they credited the limelight to themselves.

They ate, consuming all the light surrounding them to their own doom of darkness. They coveted light and glory for self and now they are in the dark.

They lust to be glorified but their glory is dust, stardust. Their righteous deeds are selfish and thus fake.

They will fall from the heights of their pride.

They will be locked in the prison of self. And yet it was their choice.

They chose to eat up light to their own gluttonous eyes till they were blinded. Blind men fall by the wide wayside. Ironically.

But blind men make their blindness an excuse, blindly.

Thus one must never presume to be an exemption.

The first hypocrite was the same first accuser. And the first accuser denied the accusation of self.

The lust for self denied condemnation of it. The lust for self excited excuse of self by way of condemnation of everyone else except self.

Evil education upholds self-esteem and self-confidence and self-advancement and competition.

No competition is selfless. No competition is friendly.

Best friends only become best enemies when self prevails. But at the moment self prevails, there is no prevailing friend.

No friend is an enemy. Either one is a friend, or one is an enemy.

Stars are competitors against stars. Stars are no friends to stars. Stars are enemies to stars. Therefore, “star wars” is real.

A counterfeit drama was only made by the stars themselves in order to cover up the real thing. Stars lust for outward luster. Stars are starving for inner peace and joy.

Now show business is stardom.

But any other business is all the same.

Politics is all the same. Education is all the same. Professionalism is all the same. Public service is all the same.

Now Christianity is falling down from heaven to becoming all the same, and it’s all the shame!

We have stars in the church, and now fallen stars! It’s just all the shame.

We are already living for an audience of the world, no longer for an audience of one, even of the One, even of GOD!

The talk of end-times and the persecution excites us without us knowing the nature of it. The world would not persecute itself nor some part of it, and neither would it persecute some worldly Christianity!

It’s already worldly and it’s been a part of the world! Why would the world persecute it when it’s now becoming an arm of the world in perpetuating iniquity and transgression and sin?

We become a shame before GOD when we do not want to be ashamed before the world!

We are stars who have fallen from heaven and are thus no real stars in Heaven’s sight.

We have become stars of the world. When we accept Christ and die with Him, we also die to this false and wicked stardom.

Then we are reborn as humble reflectors of the Light.

This article was first published on Facebook notes, on August 23, 2010.

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