A reckless abandon

Have you ever had moments when you’ve simply thrown it all away?

It’s a reckless abandon. Kind of.

And more often than not, it’s a messy thing.

Well, if that’s the case, it’s totally fine.

We’ve all been through a lot of struggles, anyway. So it’s not entirely surprising to find reckless abandons relatable.

Sometimes, I find it even necessary.


Because it’s in those abandons that we find clarity. Often. I mean, in most cases.

You see, our minds go through a lot of trouble wading through a ton of information each day.

Information we get to see on social.

And in some other places we go to.

When we are constantly bombarded by nonsense, we find ourselves drained and overwhelmed.

And in those key moments of mental overload, the next best thing is actually a reckless abandon.

Does it have to be reckless?

Maybe not.

But will it be more helpful to make it reckless?


I suppose so.

I mean, that is part of my premise here.

Reckless abandons mean they are done out of desperation.

Out of an overload.

And coming from a place of being overwhelmed.

I see Yuki doing this.

Well, Yuki’s a cat.

And he does this sort of reckless abandon when he goes like throwing himself into the floor.

It’s a funny scene to witness.

But I often wonder why he does this.

It’s as if he wants my pets so much after having slept for so long.

Or after I’ve been so hooked to my computer and he (maybe) feels left out.

That is when he makes this cute meow wow sound and walks up to me.

Then I would pat him in the head and begin scratching his checks.

And then he does the thing! The reckless abandon!

He goes throwing himself to the floor…

And I don’t want to be repeating myself—

But whoa, it’s quite a loud thump when he does that.

I wonder if there’s pain involved.

And now that I come to think of it…

In our human version, sometimes there is.

Sometimes, there is indeed pain.

Whenever we find ourselves choosing to do a reckless abandon, we’d feel that loud thump.

We are whacking ourselves onto the floor.

And very often, we could hear a crack in a rib or two.

That is literally getting ourselves broken.

Ironically, though, we have already been broken inside.

That is in fact the very reason we’re doing the abandon.

We abandon all current thought processes because this time, we just want to surrender.

And surrender is the keyword.

We simply want to throw away all the important cards.

Or the cards we thought important.

We’d now want to leave everything to God because that is the key.

We are abandoning our post.

We leave the steering wheel to God because we know we can’t take it anymore.

But, when we do abandons like this in a certain pattern, there’s likely an underlying problem.

We haven’t been letting God be God for a long time.

Yikes. That is where reality strikes.

For the longest time, we have just been easing ourselves into the path of trying to take control of our own lives.

It can work for a time, but it’s not really sustainable.

What we need to do is to revisit God’s principles and see what and why we did wrong.

Surprisingly, we will discover one thing.

And that is, we have been deceiving ourselves that we will be able to survive the ordeal of our lives without Him.

And now we’re simply finding the opposite to be true.

It is indeed exhausting.

So what now?

I think you’ve already gotten the point of it all.

It is way better to have a daily reckless abandon than to pour it all in one go, every quarter.

A daily abandon would presumably be more painless.

And it didn’t have to add a ton of weight to our already heavy burdens.

I’m doing it right now.

Please do so too.

What have you learned from this post?

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