The real reason why you can’t honestly blame God

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We human beings are nodes in a complex network. And God? He faces a divine predicament. And then He makes one jaw-dropping choice.

One morning, I came across this mind-blowing Twitter post by Ty Gibson. I couldn’t help but write a thread in response to it.

Here’s the quote:

Here’s God’s predicament: He loves you too much to let you go, but He can’t hold you any more tightly than your capacity to tell Him no,

which means He has to let you hurt others and then be blamed Himself by the others for allowing you to hurt them.

On the premise of that divine predicament, we concoct theological systems that blame God for the bad things we do.

In love, God refuses to control us. We then do bad things but don’t want to take responsibility for them, so we invent doctrines that make God responsible for them.

Ty Gibson
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I thought about the complexity of God’s relationship and dealings with people. The whole thing operates like a complex network… something I learned in my graduate research in Physics.

So here was my response to that eye-opening quote.

I’ve copied and pasted everything I said in that thread down below.

Feel free to read the entire thought and reply in the comments section. Tell me what you think.

We human beings are nodes in a complex network.

Our actions affect all others.

God is love, and being love, He’s given us the freedom of choice.

Whatever one node in our complex network does, that affects all the other nodes.

In a complex network, subnetworks exist.

Nodes in one subnetwork may not be aware of the activities in another.

But they could feel the consequences, especially when the actions of all the other subnetworks factor in.

Some consequences are particularly undesirable.

Unaware of what’s really happening, some nodes try to explain away these undesirable consequences as “acts of God.”

In reality, these consequences were born out of our own acts compounded through time.

One node does one thing; it affects three or more.

The three react, affecting nine or ten or twelve others.

They continue acting and reacting to each previous action.

Finally, all the actions combined reach a point where they distress the entire network.

In the human experience, this could result in war, famine, climate change, or even a pandemic.

And these consequences are painful.

Are these acts of God?


These are products of our choices.


We nodes in a complex network of human beings, animals, plants, and all the other creatures in our vast ecosystem act and react.

Our entire web of connectivity experiences the consequences of those acts.

Some effects are minimal. Others are destructive.

But one thing remains.

We cannot honestly blame God for whatever the network experiences.

Our befuddled minds only seek someone to blame.

We tend to want answers immediately.

How jaw-dropping it is then for God to let Himself be blamed!

I now know God is that incredible.

I’m tremendously mind-blown.

What have you learned from this post?

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